Our Experts

Writers and designers need quality tools. Several of our experts are using the tools and detailing their experience.  They write about new businesses, technology and discern from the hype to actual application.

Writers and Designers

Smarketers are sales and marketing experts who realize that most of the shopping for products is online. Smarketing is the integration of sales and marketing. These folks identify how easy it is to use  new tools to make them more effective.

Digital Smarketers

Technologists, computer scientists, UX and UI designers and programmers.  They will tell you whether or not something is worth their time and have very high standards how a tool “should” work and if it can be integrated.

Computer Scientists, UX/UI

Learn about the New

So many ways to apply different technologies and so little time. We teach you how to use simple and complex tools rather than just talking about the technology.  For example, grow your channel program with using existing tech stack in a different way.  These tips and tricks are meant to help any business.

Our services help to

  1. Reduce the sales cycle timeline
  2. Increase customer satisfaction
  3.  Educate and onboard faster

Marketing Programs

See previous marketing programs that made the companies and their partners successful

Training Projects

Increase internal sales enablement and customer onboarding. Improving skills sets make everyone one's job easier.


Don't have time to join or start a group. That is okay. As long as you are an independent and not affiliated with a specific company we will work with you. Take a moment to fill out our survey to see if you qualify.

What most of our contributors receive

Free applications 93%
Discounts on new apps 70%
Publishing credit 75%
Access to New Features 76%

Group and Contributor Requirements

To start a group, join or contribute you must be independent of the company. Not working as a contractor for the company or as an employee. You and your team are led by a specific set of objectives to meet the customer's needs

Be Interviewed

If you have used a technology and applied it in a way that we should know about we would love to talk to you. All participants should be prepared to be interviewed by one of of our members.

Our Requirements

See the Future

We believe that professionals should be vocal about who they are on LinkedIn and be able to provide their insights on future applications.

Your work becomes part of a bigger solution

Every single application that is reviewed will have a calibrated response. Our goal is to ensure that data sets are updated and relevant to the problem at hand.