What you need to build a digital brand strategy

What is a brand?

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room.”
— Jeff Bezos

What is a digital brand strategy?

Your digital brand determines how the world interacts with your company online. That means before, during and after they have an interaction with your company.

When you see these brands, what adjectives come to mind?

Why does your digital brand matter?

  1. Consumers look online before buying.
  2. Your brand helps customers learn about what your company values and provides.

Without a consistent, pervasive brand message, your product or service will get lost in all of the noisy internet traffic.

A digital branding strategy maps out your identity, the industry space or solution you provide, and where you can be found online.

It also provides online credibility to others who are trying to determine if you are a trustworthy and viable source in the existing online marketplace.

What makes a great digital brand strategy?

A clear customer-centric engagement with customers and prospects.

Clear messaging

Engages, relates, educates specific audiences on a regular basis.

Provides easy to use and easy to consume content, service or products.

Develop an unspoken relationship of trust with customers.

Serve content that makes you the industry expert on specific topics.

• Define what users can expect from your brand. Freebies? High quality, fast service?

• Develop a clear differentiator from the competition.

• Deliver content on multiple channels where your targeted audience consumes information.

• Use creative that evokes emotion for the product.

How do you start developing your digital brand strategy? You must identify three core elements when developing your digital brand strategy. Answer these three elements.

Differentiation: What makes your company better than your competition?

Messaging: What are the top three messages your customers need to know?

Benefits: What are the benefits of your company’s offering?

Your brand is your unspoken promise to deliver a product, service, and/or meet a standard.


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