How to Communicate to Increase On-boarding Speed for New Cloud Technologies

Learning is a behavior.  To gain proficiency you must constantly challenge yourself. But taking the time to learn a new tool, isn’t always feasible when you’re also trying to juggle your daily job duties.

Many technology providers try to teach their customers how to properly use their cloud platforms, tools, and apps through a quick video or webinar. But this method doesn’t help the customers achieve the next level of success.   Onboarding their employees is a journey, not a destination.

When it comes to end-user adoption, what’s the the secret formula? A great communications strategy! Having a strategy will ensure that all end users will know what to expect from their cloud calling apps, and when to expect it.

To build one, you just need these two things:

  1. Email marketing platform: HubSpot and Marketo are great, if you can afford them. But also consider taking advantage of easy email marketing platforms such as Pepo Campaigns and Mailchimp. Both offer free email drip campaigns when sending fewer than 1,000 emails and are great tools for first-time campaigns.

  2. Decent copywriter: Great writers can communicate clearly and speak the same language as your audience.

Here’s how you do it:

Send one email to all end users every other day. This email should provide just one, simple instruction. At the bottom of the email, put a “task completed” button.

In your email marketing platform, set up a scoring system for every time someone clicks on one of the “task completed” buttons. At the end of the week, your platform will give you a total score for each person.

For Example:

Email Drip Campaign Calls to Action (CTAs) Points
  1. Edit your email signature to include your new conference ID number and room URL.
  1. Add a contact to your team chatting tool’s contacts list.  
  1. Initiate a videochat
  1. Send an invite for your conference room using the collaboration tool.
  1. Add someone to a call mid-call
  1. Initiate real-time screenshare
7) Update your voicemail +10
8) Pull a call from your desk to your mobile phone


9) Record a meeting +5
10) Update your status and location +5

Dole out prizes to the winners with a weekly communication describing how many employees completed tasks. Reward the top 10%.     Create an opportunity to reward your employees for learning about new ways of collaborating and enjoy the benefits of having your team on a single, unified communications and collaboration tool!



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